Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process of Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program (BNCRP)

Q. What are the modes of EVALUATION for BNCRP course?

Ans. The modes of learner evaluation are –

         Written evaluation NSSK Part 1 and NSSK part 2
         Skill (Performance) evaluation- NSSK Part 1 and NSSK part 2 (Pre test and post test)

Q. What does written evaluation comprise of?

Ans. Questions from the NSSK course manual are evaluated online. Candidate will have to secure 85% marks in each of the lessons. Failing to do so will require the candidate to retake the evaluation in the lessons he / she have not performed adequately.

Q. What is skill (performance) evaluation and how is it conducted?

Ans. Skill (Performance) is assessed with respect to skills that are required to perform neonatal resuscitation and care using a Clinical 'check off' sheet.

Q. What is ' Exercise check list ' and how is it used?

Ans. Details of Exercise check list (popularly known as PCL) are outlines below -

         PCL is a clinical 'check off outline' list used after each lesson to practice step by step outline of the skills learnt in each lesson.
         It is conducted after group demonstration following each lesson.
         Instructors and learners should be thoroughly familiar with each checklist.
         Learners should use the checklist to repeatedly practice the procedure, until it can be performed smoothly, correctly and without hesitation.

Q. What is the Basic Mega code (Performance evaluation NSSK part 1) and how is it conducted?

Ans. The Mega code is explained below –

         The Mega code is a 'comprehensive PCL for NSSK Part 1 ' that integrates concepts of all skills learnt during the NRP course.
         It simulates resuscitation.
         It is conducted after all teaching sessions on NSSK part 1 are completed, and after group demonstration and a practice session.

The Mega code is conducted in three stages -

1. Interactive Mega code – Candidate performs with inputs from co trainees

2. Slow Mega code - Candidate performs with prompting from instructor, if the candidate is not able to perform well, in spite of demonstration and interactive Mega code

3. Final Mega code - Candidate performs without any prompting and the instructor observes and evaluates

Q. What are the qualifying marks for the Mega code?

Ans. A candidate must secure 80% of the total allotted marks in Mega code.
Scoring in Mega code is done as follows -
                 0 points – Action not done at all
                 1 point – Action done inadequately or done out of sequence
                 2 points – Action done well and in correct order

Scoring 100% in critical items of Mega code is compulsory. The learner must achieve 2 points in compulsory five items.

                 Candidates failed in pre test written evaluation are re-evaluated in written test.
                 Candidates passing written test but failing in skill evaluation go back to stations to practice using PCL.

Remedial plan can be individualized for each learner.

Q. What to do if I cannot complete online written evaluation?

Ans. We encourage all participants to complete online written evaluation before course. This saves time for practice and prepares participants well for course. In rare case if this is not possible course coordinator will call you before the course and arrange for hard copy of written evaluation.

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