Guidelines for Course coordinator

Guidelines for Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator is the person responsible for conducting course. Course coordinator would be local IAP branch president or person appointed by him. Course coordinator will be responsible for all the logistics and arrangements for the provider course.

Step By Step Approach to Conduct the Course: For course coordinator

The preparation for conducting the course should start at least one month before the course.

Fixing Of Date for the Course: The date chosen for the course plays a major role in its success or failure. Avoid scheduling your course,

The day before or after a holiday weekend.

In close proximity to a major religious holiday.

During a major school holiday, such as Summer Vacation.

The date should be fixed in consultation with the district coordinator.

The Course coordinator should register the course on the website 4 weeks prior the workshop. For this log on to website click on the link ‘Register your course’ given on the  upper right side of the home page and fill in the details required and submit the form.

After approval from IAP-NRP-FGM office you would receive a mail confirming that your course has been approved and a course ID would be provided to you. Please save the course ID as this would be required in all future communication.

Fixing a Venue:

While deciding location one should keep the following facts in mind.

It is advisable to keep these courses in Hospitals where an ideal venue can be created. However, in some instances, an ideal venue may not exist for the course. In case hospitals are not available an alternative venue like IMA Hall, District Training Centre should be chosen. There are no budgetary provisions to keep courses in hotels and this practice is highly discouraged. The venue should comprise of a hall or two or more adjoining rooms as per the number of workstations required. Make sure that if the venue is in hall then there should be adequate distance between two workstation to prevent noise from one station to other. You are requested to please inform NRP FGM Office at / once the Venue for the workshop has been finalized.

Selection of Participants:

The entire health care professional like pediatricians, gynecologists, other doctors conducting deliveries and the paramedical staff, nursing student, PG students working in the maternity hospital can participate in the course. This training is absolutely free of cost and no registration fees is charged from the participants. The number of paramedics usually allowed from a maternity facility is two however the number of paramedics from a big hospital can be increased so as to ensure that each delivery can be attended by the trained personnel. The number of participants in a course should not exceed more than 40.  Send the SMS format available on SMS registration link (according to course id) to all the participants to get registered themselves in course.

If the participant has access to Internet then tell them to log on to website, click on the link ‘Participant registration’ fill the Course ID and the required fields and submit the form.

If the participant doesn’t have access to Internet then tell him to fill the Participant registration form physically (template of participant registration form is attached with this document). The Course coordinator would collect the Participant registration forms and will have to load it on the website within one week, after the course gets registered on the website. The online evaluation of these candidates would be done at the start of training manually and the sheets would be handed over to lead instructor.

You would receive a mail from IAP-NRP-FGM office giving you the details of lead instructor and co-instructors for the course with their contact details. The number of instructor for the training is 1: 8. You have to coordinate with them for their travel plans and share with them the details of program.  Participants should get manuals 1 week before the course, so that they can get well prepared for the workshop. 

Budget for the Provider Course: 

The total budget for the BNCRP Provider course part 1 is 600 Rs per participant. For example if the number of participants is 32 then the total budget would be 600x32 = Rs. 19,200/-. The budget for BNCRP Provider Full course is 1200 Rs per participant. For example if the number of participants is 32 then the total budget would be 1200x32 = Rs. 38400/-.

 Please Note:-

1) For institutional BNCRP course, budget of course can be customised and can be reduced.

2) Corporate or private Hospital BNCRP courses can be self sponsored by convincing them.


This is the total amount which you would receive to meet the total expenses of the training so it is advisable to use it judicially. You will have to give Rs 750 for instructor coming from the same  city and Rs 1500 to the instructor coming from outside  city from the above mentioned budget only; there is no provision of any extra funding other then the budget specified above for all the expenses incurred during training.

The budget would be provided to you by the IAP-NRP-FGM office through your local IAP branch account for this please send details of bank account in following format

 Name of Bank:

Name of Branch:

Branch Address:

IAP Branch Name:

Name of the A/c Holder or Beneficiaries Name:

(Name appear in Bank/chq issue in favor of)

Account Number:

Type of Account: Saving/ Current



Beneficiaries' full address (as per bank record):

Beneficiaries full address (for mailing):

Send the bank details to, As soon as your course is registered 70% of budget would be released to your account either by online (if the facility is available) or through cheque from the IAP- Central office, Mumbai. The remaining amount would be sent to you after successful completion of the course with course roster and submission of original bills and voucher to the IAP Central office, Mumbai

Submission of Voucher and Bills:

Please make all the bills and vouchers in name of IAP-NRP-FGM program. Send all the original bills and voucher to the following address:

NRP FGM Office

Plot No-208


Gandhidhan (Kutch)-370201


Ph No: 09429896986, 09998541530

The remaining fund for the course would be released after receipt of the original bills and voucher only.

Procuring the Manikin Kit:

The manikin kit would be provided to you free of cost by the district coordinator. Please make sure that the kits contain all the items listed when received, also it is your duty to handover the manikin kit back to the district coordinator after the training is complete.

Procuring Other Training Material for Course:

Besides the training manual and manikin kit some other materials would be required for the training which is listed below:

Agenda of training, Exercise checklist, Performance evaluation pre and post test, written evaluation test paper and participant feedback form.

 Folder, Eraser, pencil, sharpener, writing pad, ball pen.

Total no of items required = (No of participant + No of Instructor + 5 extra)

Scissor, cord tie, identification tag, gauze pieces, gloves

Total no of items required = (No of manikin kit + 4 extra)

Certificates: Take a printout of Model Certificate available on website

Total no of certificates required = (No of participant + No of Instructor)

All the items listed above should be procured by the course coordinator himself please contact the district coordinator for any help.

Catering Arrangement:

You will have to arrange for tea and biscuits in morning, lunch, and evening tea for all participants. Please make sure that the lunch should not be very elaborate, we prefer packaged lunch over buffet lunch to save money and time.

Preparation for the Day of Training:

Registration desk: There should be a responsible person in charge of registration desk. As soon as the participants reach the venue they should be provided with the folder, should be assigned the workstation and tell them to complete the performance evaluation test at their respective workstations.

The participant folder should consist of

1. Writing pad

2. Ball pen

3. Pencil

3. Sharpener

4. Eraser

5. Agenda of the day

6. Exercise Checklists

7. Posters (for BNCRP full course only)

8. Evaluation forms (Feedback Forms) to be filled by participants

The instructor folder should consist of all the items in the participant’s folder plus Performance evaluation pre and post test papers (10-12 copies each)


The number of workstation required for the training is one per eight participants. The workstation should be made by joining four tables (aprox. 4*2½ feet) that can be detached during the practice session and again can be realigned. There should be sitting arrangement for 8 participants and the instructor. If there are more than one workstation in a hall then there should be adequate distance between them to prevent noise. Each work station should have:

1.   Attendance sheet

2.   Manikin kits: Fill the manikin with water before training

3.   Scissors (one per manikin kit)

4.   Cord tie or clamp (one per manikin kit)

5.   Gauze pieces (two per manikin kit)

6.   Gloves (two per manikin kit)

7.   Identification tag (one per manikin kit)

8.  Thermometer (one per manikin kit) only for full course


Collection of Evaluation Documents:

It is your responsibility to collect

1. Written evaluation test of participant(only for those who have not given online evaluation)

2.  Performance evaluation pre test duly filled and signed by the instructor of each participant.

3.  Performance evaluation post test duly filled and signed by the instructor of each participant.

4.  Participant and Instructor feedback form duly filled by them.

5. Compulsory submission of original bills and voucher with justified and supporting documents.

6. Compulsory submission of course report after the course

7. Complete and submitt roster/evaluation details within 14 days after the completion of course

8. Collect all the documents listed above and handover these documents to the lead instructor of the course.

This completes the guidelines for conducting the BNCRP Provider course however you can get more information from our website and you should always remain in contact with your district coordinator for solving any of your queries.


Please note:- The quality of the workshop will be monitored by JNJ team, so you are requested to please welcome them warmly and cooperate with them.