Q. How do we calculate the training load of District Instructors for ToT program of NRP FGM BNCRP?
1. First we should find out the number of Districts in a State in which we wish to start program.
2. We propose to make 4 District Instructors in each District. Hence, to calculate the number of District Instructors in a state we have to multiply the No of Districts with 4, it will give us the number of District Instructors needed in that state. It is quite possible that we may not get 4 prospective instructors from small districts. Similarly we will need more number of instructors from bigger cities.
3. To calculate the Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop number we have to divide the Number of district Instructors in a particular state by 40. As in one Training of Trainers - 40 District Instructors will be trained. (These will be labeled as District Instructor’s Training of Trainers Workshop).
4. For example: to calculate the training load in Madhya Pradesh

• Total number of districts in MP: 50
• Total number of District Instructors needed 4 @ District : 200
• Total number of Training of Trainers = 40 @ Training of Trainers = 5

Q. What is selection procedure of the participants? (Or) What are the various steps involved in selecting the participants for the DI TOT?
Selection of Participants
- Participants for Training of Trainers – i.e. Potential District Instructors should be selected by State academic coordinator in consultation with the state IAP President & Secretary – they should preferably be Paediatricians and IAP members.
- The selection should be made only after considering the merits of candidates (teaching skills, academic understanding and willingness to propagate the skills of Basic New born Care)
- The Participants will have to give an undertaking that they will promote and propagate the mission of NRP FGM.

Q. How do we calculate the training load for Provider courses of NRP FGM BNCRP?
Under NRP FGM Project we have funding to train 200,000 people in BNCRP. Calculate number of pediatricians, obstetricians, Nursing Home doctors who are conducting deliveries and minimum two paramedical staff from each maternity homes in that district in private sector. More paramedical workers can be taken from bigger hospitals/nursing homes. Ensure every delivery will be attended by at least one person trained in NRP.
Total No of Pediatricians + Total No of Gynecologists + Total no of Paramedics (2 or more from each maternity hospital) = Total number of participants in a particular District.
The courses can be conducted in batches of 16, 24 or 32. There should be one instructor for 8 participants
Calculation of training load and planning the number of courses in a district would be done by district coordinator.
- Paediatricians – 1500
- Gynaecologists – 2500
- Paramedics (Nursing Homes + Pvt Hospitals = 500) ×2 =1000
- Total Number of participants - 5000

Q. What is the source of funds for the TOT course?
Release of Finances for the TOT Course
1. The finances for these courses will be released through IAP Central office, Mumbai.
2. Finances for the Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop will be rendered by IAP NNF NRP FGM office to the organizing branch as per recommendations of State Academic Coordinators and National Coordinator.

Q. What is the source of funds for the Provider course?
1. The finances for these courses will be released through IAP Central office, Mumbai.
2. For provider courses the fund would be sent to local IAP branch account. 70% of the fund would be sent soon after registration of course and the remaining would be sent after successful completion of course and submission of course roster


Common Questions about Pre-course Planning and conducting the course

Q. How do I justify the need for a Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program course and identify potential beneficiaries?
There is a need for a continuous Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program in every city / district and convincing health professionals about the need for Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program may prove to be a challenge.

Q. How do I identify potential beneficiaries?
To identify potential beneficiaries of the course –
• Prepare a list of maternity and general facilities (where maternity facilities are offered) in a city / district. This can be done with the help of the local government and municipality.
• A database can be created from the information gathered, which should include names of health professionals, their medical qualifications, their operational facility, contact details, etc.
• Request them to fill out an ‘experience survey form’ (download) and analyze the results. Based on the result candidates can be chosen for training.

Q. What information I can get from Internet about the course?
The website of IAP NNF NRP FGM is www.iapnrpfgm.org where you can get all information related to the present course and the future courses.

Preparations before a Course

Q. When should one start preparing and what are the preparations required to conduct a training course?

Preparations should start 1 month before a course
These include –
1. Fixing a date for the course
2. Fixing a venue
3. Registering course online
4. Registering participants for the course
5. online evaluation of participant
6. Procuring course material for participants
7. Applying for course grant from IAP NNF NRP FGM office
8. coordinating with lead instructor and other instructors , sending out invitations and confirming their participation
9. Arranging for faculty stay (if necessary)

Q. What should be the ideal date for scheduling an NRP course?
The date chosen for the course(s) plays a major part in its success or failure. AVOID scheduling your course -
- The day before or after a holiday weekend
- In close proximity to a major religious holiday
- During a major school holiday, such as Summer Vacation

Q. What should be the ideal venue for Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program course?
While deciding location one should keep the following facts in mind -
- It is advisable to keep these courses in Hospitals where an ideal venue can be created. However, in some instances, an ideal venue may not exist for the Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program course. As a Trainer of Basic Newborn Care and Resuscitation Program, one may need to be flexible and creative under challenging conditions.
- There are no budgetary provisions to keep courses in hotels and this practice is highly discouraged. In case hospitals are not available an alternative venue like IMA Hall, District Training Centre should be chosen.
- The venue should comprise of a hall or two or more adjoining rooms as per the number of workstations required. Make sure that if the venue is in a hall then there should be adequate distance between two workstation to prevent voice over between stations
- A model menu for working lunch will be given to course coordinator.

Q. How should you register your course on the website?
Registration of course would be done by course coordinator. For this log on to website www.iapnrpfgm.org, click on the link ‘Register your course’ given on the lower left side of the home page and fill in the details required and submit the form. After approval from iapnrpfgm office you would receive a mail confirming that your course has been approved and a course ID would be provided to you. Please save the course ID as this would be required in all future communication.

Q. How should the participants register for BNCRP Course?
Course coordinator would send a letter to all prospective candidates depicting the course ID, type of course, aim of course, venue, location, timing of the course and tell them to register themselves by logging on to website www.iapnrpfgm.org , then click the link ‘participant registration’ fill the details required and submit. If the participant doesn’t have access to internet, then get the participant to fill the registration form physically and hand it over to the course coordinator. The course coordinator will then upload the information on website.

Q. How to perform online evaluation test?
Once the participant is registered he would get a login ID and Password. Log on to the website www.iapnrpfgm.org, click the link ‘Online evaluation’ fill the login ID and Password and then give the online exam as per your course i.e. for BNCRP Provider course part 1- NSSK part 1 only, for BNCRP Provider full course – NSSK Part 1 and 2

Q. How do I procure course manual, other NRP training material and ensure availability of Manikins for training?
The course material differs for different NRP courses
• NRP Advanced Provider course – course manual is AAP Text Book of Neonatal Resuscitation, 5th Edition.
• BNCRP Provider course – course manual is NSSK manual you can get copies through your District Coordinator and send to participants one month prior to the course.
• Participants can also download NSSK manual from www.iapnrpfgm.org
• Please get in touch with your state academic coordinator/Zonal coordinator for supplies and availability of manuals, manikins for training.

Q. When should the course material reach the Participants?
The course material should be made available to each learner at least one month prior to the date of the course to enable them to read it well before appearing for online evaluation.

Q. What arrangements should be ensured on the day of the course?
The following administrative and infrastructural arrangements should be made on the day of the course
- Mark attendance of all course attendees
- Give folders to participants and instructor
- Workstations
- Administer pre test evaluation

Q. What should be the contents of participant folder?
The participant folder should consist of
- Writing pad
- Ball pen
- Pencil
- Sharpener
- Eraser
- Plan of the day
- Exercise Checklists
- Posters (for BNCRP full course only)
- Evaluation forms (Feedback Forms) to be filled by participants

Q. What should be the contents of instructor folder?

All the items in the participants folder plus
- Performance evaluation pre and post test papers (10-12 copies each)
- A copy of written evaluation paper

Q. How to prepare a workstation for training?
The number of workstation required for the training is one per eight participants. The workstation should be made by joining four tables (aprox. 6*3 feet) that can be detached during the practice session and again can be realigned. There should be sitting arrangement for 8 participants and the instructor. If there are more then one workstation in a hall then there should be adequate distance between them to prevent voice over. Each work station should have

- Attendance sheet
- Manikin kits: Fill the manikin with water before training
- Scissors (one per manikin kit)
- Cord tie or clamp (one per manikin kit)
- Gauze pieces (two per manikin kit)
- Gloves (two per manikin kit)
- Identification tag (one per manikin kit)
- Thermometer (one per manikin kit) only for full course

Q. Could an IAP branch accept outside Sponsorship (Academic grant) to meet the expenses of NRP Course?
For BNCRP courses, funds will be provided by IAP NNF NRP FGM office. Johnson and Johnson India has agreed to provide academic grant to train 200,000 health professionals and workers for the next 5 years in Basic NRP and Essential Newborn Care. Additional funding will not be required for these courses.

Q. Could I organize an Advanced Provider course in my city and accept Sponsorship (Academic grant) to meet the expenses of the Course?
• Advanced NRP courses in 2011 (other than those allotted in agreement with sponsors if any) and in subsequent years will be self sponsored and will be conducted on lines of PALS course of IAP.
• If funding is required it can be raised under banner of IAP local branch in the form of sponsorship for stalls, scientific session, Lunch or Dinner. However, IAP Guidelines for sponsorship should be strictly followed. Course content and duration should never be compromised.