Guidelines for District coordinator

Guidelines for District Coordinator

District coordinator is a person appointed by the IAP-NRP-FGM Office in consultation with their State academic coordinator. He must be trained at least as district instructor in BNCRP Program. District coordinator would be responsible for planning & supervision of all the trainings in his/her district.

Guidelines for District Coordinator
The first step is to calculate the total training load of the district. Please identify and list all delivery points i.e. where deliveries are taking place. Our aim is to train all pediatricians, obstetricians, other MBBS doctors providing maternity facility and the paramedical staff working in maternity hospitals. BNCRP (NSSK) course will focus to train mainly paramedic workers and obstetricians. There is another program of Advanced NRP for Pediatricians. Aim to train all health workers attending deliveries.

You can take help from local FOGSI organization for identifying delivery points and calculating the training load.

Send the detail plan of your district in the following format to your State Academic Coordinator.

1.  Name of District           

2. Name of district coordinator

3.  Number of delivery points

4.  Number of deliveries occurring in a month

5.  Number of Pediatricians in district

6.  Number of Gynecologists in district

7.  Number of MBBS doctors providing maternity service

8.  Number of Paramedics

9.  Number of nursing student

10. Number of PG students

This exercise should be completed within 15 days of your appointment. Send the plan to your State coordinator at the earliest in the above mentioned Performa. Make sure that you have included all the prospective participants in your district.

Now plan the courses for training in your district and number of participants to be trained at each venue. The number of participants in each training may be 8, 16, 24, or 32 according to the load of participants at a particular venue. The number of trainer required will be in ratio of 1:8, a single training session of more than 32 or less than 8 would not be entertained.

Choose the Course coordinator for the course. This should be done in consultation with the local IAP branch president as course coordinator should be IAP president or a person nominated by him. Before finalizing the names of Course coordinator make sure that they understand their role, for this make them read the guidelines for Course coordinator and solve their queries if any and take their consent for undertaking the course. Once the Venue and Course coordinator is fixed send the list to your State regional coordinator for approval. After approval from the IAP-NRP-FGM office you direct the course coordinator to proceed by registering the course on website

Selection of lead instructor and Co instructors would be done by the State academic coordinator. Once finalized the list of instructors would be send to you and the Course coordinator.

Supply of Manikin Kits and Training Manual

You would be provided around 8 manikin kits and training manuals as per requirement Meerut office. It is your responsibility to take care of manikin kits. Please check the manikin kits as you received from Meerut office and send a mail that

I have received…no of manikin kit and all the manikin kits contains all the items listed in the working condition.

You would provide these manikin kits for training to the Course coordinator make sure that you receive the manikin kits back after training from the Course coordinator. If there is any dysfunction or loss of any item in the manikin kits inform your State regional coordinator immediately.

Training manuals will be supplied to you from the Meerut office as per the load of participants in your district. Make a list of number of training manuals send for training in your district and balance number of training manuals with you and send the list to IAPNRPFGM office whenever asked.

Other Training Documents Required

Model agenda of training (for BNCRP part 1)

Model agenda of training (for BNCRP full course)

Performance evaluation Pre test part 1 (for BNCRP part 1)

Performance evaluation Pre test part 2 (for BNCRP full course only)

Performance evaluation Post test part 1 (for BNCRP part 1)

Performance evaluation Post test part 2 (for BNCRP full course only)

Exercise checklist

Participant Feedback form

Written evaluation test part 1(for BNCRP part 1)

Posters (for BNCRP full course only)

Model certificate

These documents are also available on the website  under instructor corner.

Reporting and supervision

You would send a report of all the training activities going on in your district and any queries regarding the management of conducting courses to your State then you can email on You are advised to communicate at least once in 15 days

You should remain in contact with the course coordinator and help in smooth conduction of courses.

-After the course is completed you have to ensure

Procure the manikin kits back from the Course coordinator and check that all the items are in working condition otherwise inform the IAP-NRP-FGM office about the same immediately.

Procure the unused training manuals from Course coordinator.

Make sure that the lead instructor has filled the course roster online in the required format.

Make sure that the Course coordinator has submitted all the original bills and voucher to the IAP Central office, Mumbai.

This completes the guidelines for conducting the BNCRP Provider course however you can get more information from our website You should always remain in contact with your State academic coordinator for solving any of your queries or mail your queries to IAP-NRP-FGM office at